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    In college my first American History class, US to 1865, was very difficult for me, although I was generally a good student.  I barely pulled a C in the class.  The following history class, US from 1865 ti Present, was so interesting that I had no problem with it whatsoever.

    The instructor in the first course was a dry and humorless teacher that did his job, but without flair.  The instructor in the second course was a new PHD with a flair for teaching the material with a wealth of historical anecdotes such as the entertaining material we've just read.

    Guess which instructor made history come alive for me and many others in the class.  The new PHD was able to bring history to life and seem like current news.

    Perhaps many current  high school students could benefit from this approach?

    I am a 67 year old teacher...teaching computer applications in a Texas high school. I've already retired once but it didn't take.

    by 43yearsateacher on Sun Mar 24, 2013 at 08:19:54 AM PDT

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