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View Diary: Study: White Repubs and Southern Evangelicals More Likely to Claim Reverse Racism (31 comments)

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  •  Well the TGOP is about white supremacy; they can (4+ / 0-)

    Have these "persons". These are the same suckers who fought for the evil Confederacy.
    Can't be fixed, just contained.

    •  The problem is that SCOTUS is on their side now (0+ / 0-)

      Does anyone think that there is not a very good chance that the conservative judicial activists won't eliminate race as a factor in college admissions in the Fisher v. U of Texas case (decision due soon) or to kill Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act in Shelby County, AL v. Holder (oral arguments on 2/27)?  You know they want to.  All the more reason to hope that Scalia or Kennedy retires before Obama is out of office.

      Maybe then we can also get DC v. Heller and Citizens' United revisited....

      To be free and just depends on us. Victor Hugo.

      by dizzydean on Wed Feb 06, 2013 at 03:18:17 PM PST

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