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View Diary: In Alabama, Rep Wallace Believes Misogyny and Bigotry are the Law (42 comments)

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  •  wonder what this guy's background is, for (13+ / 0-)

    him to be "strongly pro-life"  I mean, science and medicine has interested me for decades and each year it seems there are new discoveries which changes the way we view the world and life itself.  I would be interested in knowing exactly what information led him to his position.  After all, if he cites the OT, there is no doubt that abortion was common in the ancient world and Israelite women employed several methods of abortion.  The Levite laws so often cited were actually property laws where men were compensated for loss of property, be it a sheep or cow or daughter's virginity or wife's fetus since all were his property under the law.

    Anyone up for a dialogue with this guy?  

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