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  •  All of this political stuff (0+ / 0-)

    may or may not have something to do with it,  but one thing that has a lot to do with it is simply the USPS performance compared to its private competitors.   There is a reason UPS and FedEx are successful and the USPS is not.  My business ships expensive products worldwide, sometimes on short notice with  timely delivery and sufficient insurance required.   I've tried them all and USPS can do it sometimes  but the private shippers do it almost every time - at a cost of course.   I can get a parcel shipped in minutes at UPS,  I have had the experience of taking nearly an hour to ship an overseas parcel at USPS  and I had to help the clerk  figure out the paperwork.

    USPS has also been lagging in technological advances like tracking etc,  they are getting better,  but  they continue to lag the competition.

    •  If you ship UPS, I try not to do business with you (3+ / 0-)
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      burlydee, Aquarius40, OldDragon

      And that's the truth.  It's not personal - it's just that I fucking hate the service I get from UPS and FedEX and will avoid having to deal with them.    I do a lot of buying from Amazon marketplace sellers (I'm kinda a hoarder), and when I find one who demands my home address because they only ship UPS, I start looking to see if I can another seller who'll use the USPS.

      I have a post-office box for a reason.  I like my mail to stay in a place where it can't be stolen off my doorstep, and where it won't be soaked by being left out in the rain.  I've had several things ruined by the goddamned UPS, and I actively avoid doing business with them whenever possible.  Plus, UPS shipping is always more expensive, but that's not the main thing that motivates me not to use them - it's the service.

      So, if the post office fails and we're left with no alternative but Fed-Ex and the UPS, I'm going to be doing a lot less ordering, because I hate my UPS experiences.   It's not against their delivery people so much - I interact with a lot of them at my job, and they're nice enough (although our mail often comes in filthy and banged up because of the way their trucks are packed) - but for my personal mail, I actively avoid having to use UPS.  

      And I have had no problem tracking my packages with the USPS.  I use this site practically every day - - and it's been very satisfactory.

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    •  I disagree. I think USPS service is just as (2+ / 0-)
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      Aquarius40, OldDragon

      good, if not better, than UPS and Fed Ex.  Of course, if you are looking for high end delivery service than UPS and FedEx may be the best for what you're doing.  That of course, is no reason to handicap a government system that is more efficient and cheaper for the vast majority of people.

      And the reason USPS is losing money has everything to do with being forced to fund a pension plan 75 years in advance, instead of the customary 13 to 15 years.  That is the only reason they are losing money.  Educate yourself.

      Basically what you are saying is: UPS and FedEx perform this one service that I need quicker than USPS, therefore, I don't care that USPS serves pretty much the entire nation cheaply, I personally don't need it.  

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