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View Diary: The Postal Service is being systematically destroyed. (234 comments)

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    and by "that" I mean that bullshit about funding 75 years worth of pension/health benefits in 10 years, but the postal service is also prohibited BY LAW from offering certain products and services that would compete with FedEx and UPS.  Notice how you can buy/do all kinds of crap at a UPS Store or FedEx store that you can't at the US Post Office?  Yeah, because it's illegal.  Which is stupid.

    And fucking Republicans keep saying that the post office needs to innovate to compete.  THEY CAN'T INNOVATE BECAUSE YOU C*CK BLOCKED THEM YOU ASSHOLES.

    Ugh, sorry for the rant.  This really gets me upset.  Living in rural areas for many years (and my family still does), this bothers me immensely.  People don't understand how important a post office is to rural America.

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    by Silvia Nightshade on Thu Feb 07, 2013 at 12:41:24 PM PST

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