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    Marko the Werelynx, worldlotus

    Nutmeg is my go-to secret ingredient. Also, btw, I've used mint as a substitute for basil in a white lasagne (no tomatoes) and it was amazing, so I suggest giving it a try sometime when you're bored and cooking with ricotta.

    Okay, nutmeg. No one seems to get this: freshly grated is the best--very different flavor than powdered. Put it onto stroganoff at the very end, add it to beef stew, hamburgers,'s great for savory dishes--especially beef, though. Not sure how it would work with tomatoes, though, so maybe not so much with Italian foods where the tomato dominates. Great in lamb stew, moussaka, quiche....but it's also terrific in things like pancakes, muffins that have nothing to do with apples (berries...yum). The key of course is that it's freshly grated. That has a slightly sweeter touch than the powdered.

    Chives in scrambled eggs or potatoes au gratin. Marjoram to me tastes "cool," so I like it in things that aren't so savory. Fresh thyme, rosemary, or similar flavors (again, the "cool" ones) are great for baking trout in parchment because the fish is a little sweet/cool (if you know what I mean).

    •  Nutmeg (0+ / 0-)

      I don't think I've ever bought preground nutmeg. I love the "nuts"-- the texture, shape, color ...

      I've got a mini-grater (it looks quite like the four sided stainless steel hand grater/shredders) that supposedly has other sides to it but I keep it on the shelf next to my jar of whole nutmeg and use it exclusively for grating nutmeg. It's only about an inch and a half, maybe two, high.

      Been a long time since I made a stroganoff. Nutmeg in there sounds good ... yeah, pretty much anything on the sweet or creamy end of the food spectrum would go well with nutmeg I suspect.

      If I recall correctly, marjoram is related to oregano and I sometimes substitute one for the other with mixed results. I find that they both compliment garlic beautifully.

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