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  •  I understand the reluctance of some (14+ / 0-)

    I wouldn't want to see what the bullets did to a once-beautiful, living, engaging child. I remember photographs from the Civil War; the soldiers were so crumpled in death. At the beginning of the war in Afghanistan, it was a similar impression.

    What made a lasting impression for me was seeing the crime photos of my son's dead friend. Chris' expressive, rubbery face now looked like a latex mask that had been discarded. All the life had sunken from it, leaving little color, nothing shiny, no sparkle in his dead eyes.

    For those of us who loved Chris, it was shocking to see him that way. We saw the holes that buck-shot made in his torso. The ME testified how his liver had been obliterated. He had been a healthy, energetic young man, and now was reduced to something you see dead on the side of the road.

    It's an obscenity, what a violent death does to a living being. I can understand why the mother wanted everyone to see.

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