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  •  The parents have the say as to whether (8+ / 0-)

    pictures of their childrens' bodies should remain private or not.

    There are many reasons why they might choose not to release them- a desire not to set back their own emotional processes, a desire not to subject siblings and friends of the children to the pictures, a desire not to be further used as pawns, and probably many other reasons I can't think of at the moment. Even asking them or publicly suggesting in a well-known forum that pictures be released is going too far in my opinion, it has to place an additional emotional burden on them that is totally unhelpful.

    If they want to be a part of the process in that way, they will release them on their own.

    There are alternatives that can be used, rubbed in everybody's face, or what have you. I have presented this one, maybe others can be found.

    Moderation in most things.

    by billmosby on Thu Feb 07, 2013 at 11:35:51 AM PST

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    •  It's an emotional subject and I wish I had (3+ / 0-)
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      billmosby, SilentBrook, NancyWH

      given it a few more minutes before publishing the comment. I agree, it should be the parent's decision. I also believe that reading about and actually seeing are two very different ways of comprehending and understanding. And if people are going to have an opinion on this subject — especially those who are going to legislate — they should fully understand the nature of what happened. Beyond that, people who vote for those legislators also should fully understand what they are voting for or against. I disagree that seeing similar images conveys what happened on 12/14. But yes, it should be a parent's decision.

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