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    the Connecticut Governor wept upon seeing Noah's body. But that's not surprising, because he is capable of human empathy. He does not want any more of these massacres to happen, and I'm sure Sandy Hook broke his heart.

    I don't know if the same scene would make Wayne LaPierre cry. Or any of the rank-and-file second amendment absolutists. You know who they are. When your friends posted mournful messages on facebook or wherever about Sandy Hook, these are the belligerent idiots who showed up, on cue, to insist that gun control can never work, that it's unconstitutional, or whatever. They weren't fazed for a second by the real human tragedy that had unfolded. They seemed completely unaware that some of us might be really, really upset by what had happened. They see a thread full of comments by moms or teachers or anyone expressing sadness and sympathy, and they somehow think "Hey! What everybody wants and needs to hear right now are my radical views on gun rights."

    So maybe the monsters wouldn't be moved by seeing the photos. Maybe they can't be moved. But at least we would be able to separate the monsters from the humans.

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