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View Diary: Pastor Apologizes for Participation in Sandyhook Vigil (294 comments)

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  •  Well, as a woman (12+ / 0-)

    who is not very good about car stuff, I am VERY thankful for the few times that I have had a road inconvenience, and a good Samaritan has stopped and taken time out of their day to help me!

    I remember, gosh, 20 years ago, driving from Canada to South Carolina in the summer. I had a tire blowout in North Carolina. A sweet young man stopped to help me. It was so dang hot that when we jacked up the car to change the tire, the jack just punched a hole down into the asphalt. We got the spare on and he accompanied me to a garage that he knew wouldn't rip me off, to get a real tire. When it was all over, I tried to give him $20 for his trouble, and he said "Aw shucks, I did that out of kindness, ma'am!" Ma'am, even though I was all of 23 years old at the time. Is that the cutest thing ever? His momma raised him right.

    •  Great story! n/t (1+ / 0-)
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      Oh Mary Oh
    •  I had a simular experience (10+ / 0-)

      in Kentucky a number of years ago.  I was traveling back to Wisconsin from Florida with my daughters.  My youngest had just attended her first national Irish dance competition, and as a relatively poor single parent we were making the trip on a very tight budget.  I saw my oil light come on, fortunately just a short distance from an exit with a gas station nearby.  As we were trying to figure out what had happened, a man who was filling his tank at the pumps came over to the car and figured out that the dealership that had done the oil change just before we took off for the trip had not properly secured the plug after draining the oil, and it had come off.  He ran home, and worked out a temporary fix, and told us which dealer to see the next morning to get a repair.  I didn't have a lot of cash on me, and no easy means of obtaining more.  I checked with several hotels and motels, but none were able to accept a check.  Finally I asked a desk clerk if my daughter's and I could sleep in their parking lot that night, and she said that that would be ok.  We went across the street to a McDonalds to get a pretty bare bones meal, since I wasn't sure what the repair cost would be, and a gentleman from Michigan stopped by the table.  He had been behind us in line at the hotel, and asked if he could pay for us to have a room that night.  I accepted on the condition that he let me write him a check for the cost of the room.  He never cashed that check, but returned it to me with a Christmas card later in the year.  Finally, the next morning, the dealership made short work of checking for damage, replacing the oil plug, and doing an oil change.  They didn't charge me a dime.  

      Each of these people showed much more understanding of what it means to be a decent human being than Pastor Morris or Matthew Harrison.

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