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View Diary: Breaking: Brennan Refuses to Call Waterboarding Torture - Updated (167 comments)

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    •  That is a very critical point (3+ / 0-)
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      MichaelNY, recontext, ColoTim

      It's the difference between showing you that I've loaded a blank into a gun and "shooting" you, and shooting you without you knowing it's a blank.

      Economics is a social *science*. Can we base future economic decisions on math?

      by blue aardvark on Thu Feb 07, 2013 at 02:20:28 PM PST

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    •  Yes, but he was still willing to say "torture" (8+ / 0-)

      Considering how much of a tool he'd become, that he wasn't prepared to uphold that lie as well surprised me.  

      Most pundits went straight to the lie, and I honestly expected him to go through with it for show and then lie.  

      It was a pleasant surprise that he told the truth, even if he did go back to the regularly scheduled propaganda in short order.  

      Sorry if I wasn't clear: I largely lost respect for Hitchens when he turned to the dark side, and I wasn't praising him for physical courage, only for a rare moment of honesty from the right in the GWOT.  

      Considering what a pasting anyone got then (and still gets now) for questioning the rightness of authoritarian practices, it was well done.  Besides, if it still felt that bad to him even knowing he could stop it at will, we may conclude that the real thing must be unimaginably, unspeakably horrible.

      I once had two teeth pulled with very little anesthesia.  The first one was excruciating, and the second was no less awful for knowing what to expect.  For a little girl from the 1st World, that was 10 out of 10 for pain, and I imagine his life was rather plusher than mine.

      "Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold...The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity" -W.B. Yeats

      by LucyandByron on Thu Feb 07, 2013 at 02:57:18 PM PST

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    •  Kind of. (8+ / 0-)

      Your hind brain takes over under those conditions and tells you 'you are going to die'.  Even if you know this is just training or a simulation or whatever, it does not matter as much as you think it will beforehand.

      That is one of the reasons you get practical instruction in this in SERE school (who clearly say 'this is torture') - so you know that regardless of what your opinion is about it, you will break, and can be ready for that.

      I am not religious, and did NOT say I enjoyed sects.

      by trumpeter on Thu Feb 07, 2013 at 03:35:41 PM PST

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