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View Diary: How much do we have in common with the "opposition"? (20 comments)

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  •  What both parties have in common (4+ / 0-)

    Looking at the budget as an indication of what both sides have in common, we must draw the following conclusion:

    1. Defense:  We love war.  Of course, war feels good only if it is morally justified.  No problem.  Righteousness falls upon us like manna from heaven.

    2. Foreign aid:  We are vain.  We want to be big shots on the world stage, and sit at the head of the table, while foreigners grovel before us in hopes of profiting from our largesse.

    3. Domestic spending:  We are greedy.  We want lots of stuff.

    4. Taxation:  We are stingy.  We don’t want to pay for it.

    5. Debt:  We live for the moment.  The future is somebody else’s problem.

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