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  •  I went to a wedding (6+ / 0-)

    Bride was in a Eucharistic Choir for years at a very conservative Catholic church. It was a "High"Mass, most of it sung, in Latin. Not my taste, and I don't observe my Catholicism anymore. I guess I'm kind of a "once a Catholic."
    person. I always hated High Mass as a kid, it was boring and the incense made me gag. Anyhow, it was beautiful. The music and soaring voices, I guess I grew into appreciating it.

    •  If you (5+ / 0-)
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      Man Oh Man, dsb, MTmofo, sallym, ericlewis0

      can disassociate from the Catholicism of it, and of course the memory of incense, these pieces are at the height of human creativity. The simplest instrument we have--our voices, in perfect tune and pitch, raised to praise a deity yes, but also to praise ourselves in our creativity. We can be magnificat.

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