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View Diary: a treasured kossack needs us...Help victims of domestic violence in memory of zwoof's daughter (62 comments)

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  •  you're so right at how this program is crucial (2+ / 0-)
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    tonyahky, high uintas

    on the very real and personal level!  helping women find safe haven is the first step, helping them STAY safe through finding jobs, legal assistance, medical care are the next ones - ones that require funding.

    this program is a tribute to michael (zwoof) and kathy's daughter that is helping others survive!

    thank you - with your help and that of others, her voice will continue to reach out to those in need!

    EdriesShop Is it kind? is it true? is it necessary?

    by edrie on Fri Feb 08, 2013 at 10:42:22 AM PST

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