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  •  I found her blog today myself (19+ / 0-)

    I read as much as I could.  I will go back when I am a bit stronger.  How that family, all those families are dealing with this is beyond my comprehension.

    I am not even sure how we as a nation have move on to the next "big new" item.

    I think that maybe we should make gun manufactures and dealers have to pay for each and every funeral for all gun violence victims.  Maybe have those who deal in death have to pay for the results.  Not only in dollars but in the reality of what they produce.

    I know I should keep thing civil.  I just keep thinking about this tragedy, and feel so helpless.  Those babies are in my thoughts but how does anyone ever get over what happened.. It has left pain in my soul.

    Thank you for posting her writing and I hope more will read and understand.

    May we turn this world around before it too late for all.

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