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  •  The dichotomy or "double-edged sword" (1+ / 0-)
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    you describe is certainly true ... which reveals the  extraordinary power of pathos that you and I both recognize.  

    With respect to pathos, it can be evoked equally by either side in this polarizing debate.  Fear and anger are the impulses unleashed ... with a predictable fight (or flee) response to assaults on matters perceived essential to our self-identity. The pro-2A groups are certainly very skilled and effective in using appeal to emotion and I suppose it is not unreasonable to fight fire with fire, however corrosive.

    As a personal matter, I am much more inclined toward ethos as the pathway to constructive resolution in this great debate.

    In another sub-thread you emphasized the asymmetric impact of gun violence on racial minorities and the under-privileged. Even when comparing international firearm homicide rates (where good data is available), the clearest predictor of increased firearm violence is prevalent economic disadvantage.

    If the control/rights debate is best understood on these terms, the moral imperative lies with redressing the societal inequalities as the more effective and just solution.

    If you are so inspired to diary these issues -- based on your earlier thread comment -- I believe this would be a very important contribution to this topic on DK and I would enjoy participating in it.

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