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View Diary: Scariest Horror Movie - not the Exorcist, it's the PBS documentary on the Texas Board of Education (63 comments)

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  •  Perry wants Brown's Businesses-fat chance (14+ / 0-)

    When a business looks to locate, it's not just taxes that determine where. (In fact, not really high on the list.)

    The most expensive thing is recruiting. The place a business locates must have a highly skilled population because you may pay moving costs for the top tier, but there are many middle level jobs hired locally.

    Cross reference the diary today on the scary Texas educational bureaucracy, and you'll see that the no-evolution-or-climate change crowd isn't winning business leaders! The state is going to have to support better education first, especially for Hispanics.

    Now as I say this I just read more reports of great professional development in Texas. I know hundreds of outstanding Texas science, math and engineering teachers personally who are leading the charge against ignorance. But right now, Rick Perry is manning the drawbridge and their efforts are often very frustrating.

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