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  •  At first I thought Obama (4+ / 0-)
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    was one of the best presidents we have had. But after 4 years, I would say this:

    The man gives a great speech, is good looking and charismatic. But in the end it is what he did and does that matters. When you turn off the sound and the cameras, how effective as a leader, has this man been? He ran as a populist, but his policies are to the right of his soaring campaign "vision", that is if you can point to a single thing he actually championed, from start to finish without changing it to be palatable to the affected corporations/entrenched government power structure.

    I guess in the end I had hoped that there were a Democrat or Republican capable of changing Government to move toward the majority of the people's interest vs. consolidating wealth and power evermore (or that was still interested in pursuing that once in Washington). Obama twice now has made interesting sounds toward those ideals twice now when he ran for office. However what his actions have proven to me is even after the financial devastation of the previous eight years, the Democratic Party Machine is designed and willing to continue to sell what little the rest of us have left down the river. We will not be able to vote our way to good outcomes when gerrymandering has guaranteed "safe" districts for either wing of the corporate puppet show.

    Oh I "appreciate" what Obama is doing. Just not the way  you think. The things you say you don't "sugar coat" are what I pay attention to, because those are actual actions and outcomes.

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