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    I think part of the great disconnect is the fact that many people supported Obama on some things and then projected the rest of their beliefs onto him. Not completely unlike the way the RW projects things that they think the left believes onto him (Socialism!!!).  If they had taken the time to do a little reading they might have discovered that he was more centrist and not been so dissapointed in the first place.

    I also think there are a good many people who seem to hate a bully and their tactics until it is a bully that agrees with them. For example, all the screeching from Dan Choi (and even our beloved Rachel Maddow) about being able to do away with DADT with an executive order, but for other issues there should be separation of powers.  Pick one folks!

    At some point in this 24/7 world we have got to find a balance between getting things done quickly and getting them done well.  There should be a balance between what I call "Facebook and Twitter journalism" and a Congress that has all of technology at it's disposal and drags it's feet to keep progress from happening.  

    That said, it is still up to all of us to push for what we believe is right, but not fault one person for all of the nations ills.  George Bush did not get us into our messes alone.  The war on women did not happen over night.  Fixing it will not happen in one session of congress.  If there is one thing we should have learned from 2010 it's that pouting because we didn't get everything we wanted and staying home only made matters worse.

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