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    First, the White Rabbit is SUPPOSED to act impatient (he's late, he's late, for a very important date).

    Second, he's not a "face character" so he can't speak.  So how the frack do you pantomime racist?

    Third, EVERY character onstage has a Disney host/hostess who is their handler.  IOW, Disney has a witness.

    Fourth, two Presidents back the Disneyland Resort had a President who was African-American and the outgoing President is openly gay (he's taking over as President of the much larger Walt Disney World Resort in FL). My friends who work around the resort have working leads and managers across the full spectrum of humanity.

    Go ahead and slam Disney for the usual corporate sins (beginning with having almost as many working-poor employees as WalMart). But they can't afford to be that racist.  Once this family made a complaint, every Disney employee involved would have been called in separately to give a written statement of the incident. I've heard enough stories from cast members over the years to know that the amenities offered this family are standard for people who make enough noise. If they think they are going to get more against Disney lawyers in court, I think they're the ones living in Fantasyland.  

    (That sound you are hearing is a paradigm being shifted at Warp Factor Infinity using no clutch.)

    by homogenius on Fri Feb 08, 2013 at 12:24:51 PM PST

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