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  •  If you go to the link for the MITO video, (3+ / 0-)
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    JeffW, Bisbonian, KenBee

    there's another video available showing a MITO with 15 B-52H's at Minot AFB in 2009, but the interval appears to be 30 seconds, not the 12-15 we used in the 60's and 70's.  A long time ago I saw a USAF training film that showed 30 B-47s doing a 15 second mito using JATO.  Talk about smoke!

    •  I think they went to 30 seconds right as I got out (0+ / 0-)

      Right at the end of SAC, in 1992.

      "We refuse to fight in a war started by men who refused to fight in a war." -freewayblogger

      by Bisbonian on Fri Feb 08, 2013 at 07:25:37 PM PST

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    •  Nothing crazier than being no. 5 in a 6 ship MITO (1+ / 0-)
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      Senor Unoball

      Retired Tanker Toad here - had to chime as so many of the comments in Kong's thread could be straight out of my memories.  

      You talk about smoke!  Now imagine being behind 3 Buffs - G-models of course - and in the middle of 3 A-model tankers.  Not only do I have 4 smoke spewing planes in front of me, I need to worry about getting eaten up by the poor sap who's number 6 - and he really can't see.

      30 sec interval from the lead tanker to the trail Buff, and 12 seconds between the tankers.  I can remember it being as tight as 8 seconds once.  ONCE.  So many things could have gone wrong - lost water (performance), lost an engine (perf.), or electrics (and then water - those pumps were electric - so perf.), gear stuck down (perf), late to turn to fan heading, etc.  I'm thinking, but cannot recall a single tanker crash in a MITO.  There was the Mather Buff crash that IIRC was in a MITO.

      The tankers were always close to peacetime limits for weight - 155/wet - and the Buffs just kicked our butts airborne.  I always figured they took off real light on these things.  

      MITOs in the R-model were trivial...

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