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  •  I'm all for (4.00)
    taking back language.  I love to hear my friends at the GLBT center use "queer" and "fag," because for them it asserts control over words used to hurt.

    Context is crucial--there are obviously cases where the words we're discussing are just fine.  But we're working with ASCII, and I know almost none of you will even bother to read all six of the short sentences I just now typed.  Thus I think it's problematic to establish a mitigating context in order to say "bitch" or "butt-boy" guilt-free within the confines of a blog comment, so wouldn't it just be easier not to?

    And absolutely none of the good people here with whom I have taken mild issue has asserted that he or she are using such words in order to destroy their taboo.

    The news is not the news. I support ePluribus Media.

    by ubikkibu on Wed Jun 01, 2005 at 03:20:00 PM PDT

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    •  As part of another diary (4.00)
      the one in my sig line, I explained that I had lived with a black man for several years.  In that time I learned to take his word for what he found offensive even when I couldn't understand.  As a white woman, who am I to say what his experience is?
      I know that some people use the "N" (I hate to even type it)word as a way to difuse it.  But Chris never used the word.  Even at 23 he didn't think that was clever or liberating.  I never heard him use the word once except one time when relating a very painful memory to me. Even then he spit it out like poison.
      As a feminist I guess there are probably women who think it is funny to get together and have "Bitches lunch out", but I feel as Chris did ( and I am sure at 31 still does), it's not a crowd I am interested in hanging with.

      AKA: Sister Holy Straight Razor of Discussion MY LATEST DIARY

      by TeresaInPa on Wed Jun 01, 2005 at 03:37:57 PM PDT

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    •  I say we should all have to substitute (none)
      slang phrases lost to humanity or on their way out, whenever we feel the urge to follow a baser impulse that might result in stepping on toes.

      I will volunteer to use such terms as "rogue," "scullion,"  "scoundrel," "schmendrick," "fishmonger," "trollop," "vile temptress," "whore of Babylon," and others that once upon a time might have resulted literally in a duel to the death.

      I leave you with the funniest fucking thing I've read in a while concerning the utter abandonment of PC terminology, if only while anonymous and online.

      •  I object... (none) the inclusion of the term 'fishmonger' as an insult.  We fishermen and fish sellers are tired of the demeaning language constantly applied to us by the elite classes.  

        For example:  For many years now the term 'fisherman' has been replaced by 'fisher' in both state and federal documents and correspondences.  I have written many letters of complaint, pointing out that the -man in fisherman refers to the hand, not the penis, and is not gender specific. Hence 'fisherman'= handler of fish, just as 'chairman'= handler of the chair. A fisher is a type of large weasel.

        Many proud fishermen, both male and female, do not appreciate being called weasels on a regular basis.

        (semi snark)  

        "Good idea Chuck, but syrup won't stop 'em." Firesign Theater, Everything You Know is Wrong

        by 3card on Wed Jun 01, 2005 at 07:27:33 PM PDT

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