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  •  And is bitchin' suspect? (4.00)
    As in "that was a bitchin' party. man."

    I assume I am still allowed to use the word "pussy" and "bitch" in the bedroom?

    And yes, I am being snide on purpose.  Bitchy cocksuckers who get their twats in a tizzy over curse words annoy me.

    •  what gets me (none)
      I for one can dislike use of a word, since words have meaning and history, without being super-sensitive.  I just don't like it, it's not as if I can't handle it.

      I don't like the term "gyped", I don't like the term "jewed" and I don't have to.  So you can deal with it, goblue, just as much as you'd like kid o, or me, to.

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