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View Diary: Iowa Republican introduces bill to define abortion as murder just 'cause (153 comments)

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    The whole "foetus is a baby" thing started in the 19th century.  Pope Pius IX (Pio Nono) personally changed RC theology from "life begins at quickening" to "life begins at conception".  It was not based on biblical reasoning; rather, it was deemed "natural law", meaning that it was just the pope's opinion.   Pio Nono was an arch-conservative, godfather of the contemporaneous Anti-Semitic movement in central Europe, and the pope for whom "infallibity" was created.  It was his consolation prize from the cardinals after losing the Papal States to an independent Italy.

    Protestant christianity did not go along with this at all, save perhaps a few small sects.  The current evangelical obsession with foetuses dates to 1979, when Republican strategist Paul Weyrich, a Catholic looking to make a political alliance with the Moral Majority and other right-wing protestants, held a meeting with the Southern Baptist leaders.  The Southerns had just been taken over by a right-wing cabal, very anti-woman and inflexible, unlike the way it had been.  The SBC had actually backed Roe v. Wade in 1993!  But they decided to change their theology in order to make abortion a political wedge issue.

    This proves two things.  One is that these churches are not really religious bodies but political ones using religion as cover. That should have disqualified their special tax status.  It also proves that there is no real religious reason to oppose abortion -- it is a tool of politicians with no long-term historical basis in religious doctrine.

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