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View Diary: KKK Plans Protest Over Memphis Re-Naming Parks Honoring Confederacy (35 comments)

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    Though I do  think we can make our point w/o the treason stuff. I know this will not be a popular suggestion, but I think these points are better made w/o resorting to the traitor or treason labels.

    Common perception of national loyalties were significantly different then. To the average citizen, their 'state' was their nation which was part of a larger federation. The modern European Parliament is a closer analog. And I doubt any American reading this thinks France and Germany are simply names for regions in Europe.

    Were the Slovaks traitors to Czechoslovakia? The Slovenes to Yugoslavia? Yugoslavia was not much younger than the USA of 1860 when Slovenia declared its independence, three-score and thirteen.

    If people want to make the case that political and/or business leaders at the highest level were guilty of treason, OK, let's discuss that kettle of fish. But for most average citizens, to follow one's state was simply to follow the law.

    I'm just not comfortable judging the ethics of 1860 citizens against the mores of 2013. I've said the same thing to online all-cappers who shout LINCOLN WAS A RACIST!


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      the state as nation idea wasn't universally accepted. Had it been, the Civil War wouldn't have occurred. There were plenty of people who consider the secession to be treason at the time. Some of these were in the South itself, resulting in what amounted to mini civil wars in some of the seceded states. East Tennessee comes readily to mind.

      So whatever the tactical pros or cons of characterizing secession as treason, it isn't a question of judging the past by the mores of the present. The charge of treason was laid at the door of Confederacy in 1860 as well.

      Nothing human is alien to me.

      by WB Reeves on Fri Feb 08, 2013 at 11:09:22 AM PST

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        WB Reeves

        I did make sure to say most instead off all. I just think we can more past that language now. Back in the day the decision was made to set aside treason charges against rebel soldiers and citizens. So there's that too.

        Now if I was in a F2F shouting match with a KKK loon, I might dust off the treason language. But I'd work up to it.

        Anyway, just food for thought.

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