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View Diary: Games aren't violent, but drones are (175 comments)

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  •  asdf (0+ / 0-)
    (Sounds like a fourth grader's idea of a fair fight.)
    No, it is you that are being naive and simplistic. Remove the danger to individuals from the equation and it completely changes the public opinion dynamic - which is and always has been a critical factor in both the decision to go to war and how to prosecute the same.

    Without the public opinion pressure there is zero incentive to those that have the power stop a war and plenty of incentive for them to continue it.

    I would suggest that you listen to some fourth grader's when you next get the chance.

    •  Public opinion isn't--and shouldn't--be ethics (0+ / 0-)

      Public opinion was totally behind Bush's totally immoral Iraq war.

      And read what I said carefully; I am not saying the targets are not immoral in most cases. I truly believe our foreign policy is horrible historically. I truly believe that we misunderstand the anger in the Arab world and most of Latin America.

      But I do not believe we have to risk American lives to have the discussions of ethics and constitutionality. I want the President to raise the issues straight up, not play games.

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