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View Diary: Games aren't violent, but drones are (175 comments)

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    Ace Nelson

    If video games and movies were the problem why are we the only industrialized country that has this problem? It is the way we raise our kids, it is the way we were raised by our parents. Guns and kids have a lot in common most people should have none.

    The real issue is that we by the people we elect, and all voters are guilty, allow us to pursue war with out declaring war. An abdication of our responsibility under the constitution. It has been this way since I have been alive, since 1950 no constitutionally wars have been declared.

    All of our culture suffers from to few role models for peace. We have chosen to use guns as the easy way to solve personal problems and we accept that by the people we elect. More people have died from gun violence in America since 1960 than in all the wars declared or not since our founding. The truth is that mankind still holds one foot in the cave and cannot shake our hunter gatherer evolution. Until we transcend the need for killing others and killing for our food violent behavior in America will continue, sadly down the path of more wars, mass shooting and using the gun to solve our problems.

    I see most of you post little sayings at the end of comments. The influence of the twitter world we now inhabit trying to articulate wisdom it a limited character digital universe.


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