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  •  You know what's got two thumbs and likes it... (2+ / 0-)
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    greenbird, JeffW

    This Jew.

    Also, the author of the piece at The Jewish Daily Forward that I linked to.

    •  Jews might do it amongst themselves (0+ / 0-)

      you know that the rules of minorities' conversations amongst themselves are different because it is clear that no  disrespect is meant. Extreme example would be Black people using the N word amongst themselves...that is their business. Someone who isn't Black must not use the word.

      This is a mixed audience and also I find a bit of antiSemetism on the left occasionally, rarely here. I rather not fan that flame. Readers do not know that the diarist is Jewish. They just might assume such talk is acceptable, then on Kos. That is not my only reason.

      If it was an ethnicity you didn't share you'd likely take it down if someone didn't like it.  But you don't seem to think my opinion might be valid. Yet it obviously is irregular to use ANYONES religion or ethnicity in front of their name. ie "top Black" "top Indian" "top Hispanic" It just is not acceptable. Why is it acceptable to say "Top Jew..." here?

      Maybe no other Jew will say something though. They/we tend not to I notice. I had a conversation once that crossed a line...other Jewish person PM'd me wouldn't post.

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