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  •  I think it starts (13+ / 0-)

    with brave stories such as this one.  Of constant refutation of slogans with the truth.  

    Maybe we need an "Abortion Project" - an online Wall where women who have had abortions can come and explain how abortion helped their lives - or saved them.

    It's like any other social issue - once a critical mass of people speak out on the topic, the demagogues lose their power.  Look how quickly it is happening with gay marriage.   We need a similar tipping point for birth control and abortion.

    Also, we need to hammer the far right on their dismal record of assistance to children in particular. If they want to stop abortions, the best way to do that is to have a wide range of services (24/7 federally-funded daycare; excellent schools and after-school programs, monetary assistance) in place to help raise them.  Hammer them on their hypocrisy.

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