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View Diary: Sen. Murkowski pondering 'hold' on Sally Jewell's nomination over rejection of remote Aleutian road (189 comments)

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    xxdr zombiexx

    solution... and for me as an American who is concerned with both Native People's welfare and the Environment... if Movement Conservative Republicans weren't such fucking weasels. It's a problem. I don't trust anybody from the GOP these days. If a Republican demands something, gotta have it, must be done, there's an angle. It's how they do business. Always. A play you don't see right away. Or worse, you do. No shame. There's the Oil Lobbyist trying to sound like a Hippy in a 5 thousand dollar suit. Somebody gets rich in a way that you have to parse out and piece together.

    Gotta have it. Okay. We sign off. BOOM! Ratfuck Shitty City shows up after the paper is signed and the money spend and the bridge built.

    My instinct is to do what the residents of the Native Nation in question truly desires. If they want an emergency only road, if they need such a road, I can live with finding a way to do for them and to do so in a way that takes the habitats and unique wildlife in question into consideration in the engineering.

    Any considerations of the pros and cons of a road kind of get colored by the reality that you simply cannot trust that the road will be strictly used for emergencies only once it gets built.

    My gut tells me that if the native people's need the road, to find the most environmentally friendly way to do it. This is the 21rst century, there has to be a way.

    It's just that you can't trust a Republican. Their words have no value. The second you start giving them what they say they want, only with real conditions that enforce the rules with sharp teeth, then the freak-out and the whining and grousing begins.

    We want the road. But. Who gives a crap about x, y, and z. Just build the road. Hell, if we can use Fracking waste as an asphalt binder, even better!

    The same No Big Government Except for Me and the Military and Jesus Republicans would oppose revolutionary ideas to have a road that doesn't hurt the environment too as "putting the Spotted Oopey Doobey Bird first".

    The game comes out as soon as you will give them what they say they want, but only if they do it in a way that takes the other factors into consideration in the outcome and that almost always costs a lot more money and you make it a crime to use the road illegally being a part of the deal.

    I am from the Elizabeth Warren and Darcy Burner wing of the Democratic Party

    by LeftHandedMan on Fri Feb 08, 2013 at 04:19:47 PM PST

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