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  •  Having dealt with credit card charges... (0+ / 0-)

    ...on the management/proprietor side of the equation, I can assure you it's not all that cut and dry. I appreciate you giving the links to back up what you wrote, as that was missing in the original. But to know the real story, it would take knowing the policy of that specific Applebee's and how they calculate and print their receipts. Some restaurants will add the tip to the subtotal, and leave a line for additional tip. Others will not, and then print the group gratuity for customers to manually add to the subtotal, still leaving space for anything additional. (A few will add it into the sub, but then make it hard to determine whether it's already part of the subtotal, which leads to "double tipping".) It's impossible to tell in this case - adding to the confusion is that this is a  divided check - and no line items are visible in the picture. But we do know that the server thought her coworker was stiffed, since that was what she said in the interview, leading me to doubt whether the gratuity was already added in. It's not impossible, it's just far from a certainty.

    If the Pastor is claiming she was charged 18% more ($41.22) than she signed for ($34.93), then it would seem that the charge was entered incorrectly, and that she has a claim. If she was only charged the $34.93 on the slip, then the tip was not included in the subtotal, as she wrote and signed for $34.93. In the interview, she claimed that

    "subsequently she discovered the 18 percent gratuity had been charged to her credit card".
    If that is the case, then her own understanding was that the subtotal didn't include tip. Whichever story we want to give her the benefit of the doubt for, there are inconsistencies in her story.

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