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View Diary: Bryan Fischer applauds LCMS for disciplining pastor who took part in Sandy Hook vigil (14 comments)

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  •  They are VERY different gods.... (0+ / 0-)

    The god of the Jews chose one little desert tribe as his "chosen people" over all of the other people he supposedly created.  He did not send them a savior to mitigate their sins.

    The god of the Christians DID send a savior to mitigate sins.

    The god of the Muslims sent Jesus as a prophet only and Mohammed as the key messenger.

    This is the problem with interfaith activities. There is always the claim that "we are worshipping the same god after all". That's nonsense.

    But then one could say that no one is worshipping the same god because god is a figment of the imagination and everyone has a different imagination.

    This "controversy" is just another example of the adolescent ridiculousness of religion.  Hope we all grow out of it soon.

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