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View Diary: Occupy Boston Protesters: Guilty and Sentenced Without Trial (162 comments)

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  •  UnaSpenser, if anyone doubts (13+ / 0-)

    that the media does this-ESPECIALLY when it concerns the justice process for disempowered people, I can show anyone here concrete proof of blatant lies the local and national press has published regarding the case of my uncle, and his co-defendant. Unapologetic, outright lies, that read like press releases from the prosecutors office that these people arrogantly pass off as journalism. And yes there is malicious intent-crime reporters use the prosecutors office as a source on a regular basis. But for the precious few true journalists that exist anymore, they are not inclined to bite the hand that feeds them, facts be damned. If it ends up destroying lives and reputations needlessly in the process, oh to the well. It makes me sick.

    All I can tell you is document everything that has been published about your case, get physical copies if you can, but screenshots work too. In addition to preserving what they actually wrote (because they will try to go back and change things if they sense a civil suit is coming) putting them all together and comparing statements made by various players, and comparing them with the actual facts (i.e. what your court and arrest records say) can help you find glaring inconsistencies that just might prove fruitful. This is what I am doing right now, and I'm digging up a ton of dirt, and valuable info that can be used in the appeal. You don't need to be a lawyer or a journalist, all it takes is the ability to read and compare different documents.

    If you want help with this, PM me. I'm still pretty busy with my uncles case, but I'll see what I can do.

    In the meantime, keep up the good fight, warrior woman :)

    You must work-we must all work-to make a world that is worthy of its children -Pablo Casals Please support TREE Climbers for victims of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

    by SwedishJewfish on Fri Feb 08, 2013 at 07:06:53 PM PST

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