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View Diary: Occupy Boston Protesters: Guilty and Sentenced Without Trial (162 comments)

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  •  This is isn't laziness. It's business (11+ / 0-)

    I learned this the hard way, years ago.

    Local press outlets will only report so much on "Shocking Behavior" by government or police. Most however call first and talk to government officials, not just to get their side of the story, but in short to basically ask permission.

    People who marched in peace protests during the Bush Administration couldn't get coverage. Thousands marched, and yet we often never hear of it, unless you knew where to find out online.

    Same thing with the BP Gulf Gusher, Same thing with OWS--plus with OWS that became a federal issue, so all sorts of resources were brought to bear down upon OWS, that I only saw active during the Gulf Gusher. For the latter it was about critical infrastructure, and I suspect the exact same regs were invoked for OWS, because it had to do with the financial/banking Industry.

    Thats why you guys had Homeland Security everywhere, and other sorts of federalis. The behavior is nothing new in terms of what your local papers are doing, but all the rest of it is all the product of our Post 911 Laws that were supposedly enacted to protect our critical infrastructure like Oil refineries, and banks and utilities from terrorists.

    So it's a total misapplication of the law. One more abuse in a grand list no doubt. An excuse to bring the hammer down on lawful citizens, in order to protect cronyism and revolving door politics.

    Citizen United only solidified something that was already in place. It just created another layer to protect the Neo-Robber-Barons at their work.

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