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  •  Amen, brother. The local liberal radio (3+ / 0-)
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    station for some reason dropped Stephanie & her playmates;  and, since I am an habitual TV abstainer, that left me with what I could get of SM (what appropriate initials!), Stewart, and Maher on YouTube.  I have been so BEREFT since then that I'm giving up my principled stance of many decades* and getting cable.  Sound and just politics (as in here and the rest of the crew on my lib station) are great and all, but man does not live by justification alone.   ESPECIALLY given the all-too-premature demise of my soul brother (pre-Vatican II Catholic atheist anarchosociist) Carlin, I desperately need my daily fix of laughing gas.

    *The last time I had cable was during the House Watergate hearings, and that was, rather innocently, pirated, for which I think I should readily be given a plenary indulgence. Thus, getting Comcast next week will truly be an original sin.  The spirit is willing; but, to survive & maintain sanity, it simply needs regular doses of satire, burlesque, and bawdry, all of which Stephenie and friends supply plentifully.

    P.S.  I'm not sure ANYTHING gives me more hope for this sad country of ours than the re-election of Stephanie's favorite Congressman-guest -- Alan Grayson -- although Liz Warren's beating the empty barn-coat/pink-pants comes close.  

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