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  •  I do not defend the diarist's pointed approach, (4+ / 0-)

    and have not tipped or rec'd the diary although I would if it had made its points less obnoxiously. However, you have posted multiple comments trying to convince people that PJH was not asking for money, or only hesitatingly doing so. That's just not true. He has deleted the diaries, so one can no longer see his update -- ten minutes after posting -- in which he pretty much freaked out that the spigot hadn't opened. But the comments are there for all to see. Comments directed to anything other than "how can I send you money" -- such as "I might know a place for you" or "so if you land an apt with these donations, how will you pay for it next month?" -- were studiously ignored. I've seen that pattern before here. It doesn't necessarily mean that the plea is a scam in the sense of being made up out of whole cloth, but it unfailingly indicates that this is an ATM transaction, and, if successful, won't be the last. At some point, the worm turns and people start saying "no mas" and the diarist panics because the ATM they've come to count on is closed. Diaries get deleted and people leave. Weeping and gnashing of teeth ensue.  

    Of course you are right that there are other people who are looking for other kinds of support, or who come for the donations and stay for the good feelings, or whatever. But you do those people no favor by suggesting this was one of those diaries.

    Ah, well. Not the first time around this track, and probably not the last, so all the best to you for the weekend.

    •  i really think you should look at this particular (0+ / 0-)

      diarist's (the one targeted) history.  i did.  had no problem finding what i needed to feel comfortable with him.

      he has a long history here - one that is not based on "atm"...

      the attitude shown in this diary and the harsh criticism of someone who is in a bad situation is troublesome - more so than the possibility that any poster might try to take advantage of this site.

      these negative attitudes actually but an iron curtain around the site that keeps people from reaching out when they need help.  it has the effect of posting a "KEEP OUT" sign on the doorway to anyone in trouble - even when there are those of us who are willing to extend ourselves fully in the knowledge that someone might be trying to "use" us.

      MY point - and i've made it over and over in this and similar diaries - is that i don't NEED you or any one else to determine when and where i will extend my hand to another person.  that person has the right to seek help and i have the right to offer or refuse it.

      i CHOOSE not to live a life guided by a callous attitude that everyone is trying to "TAKE" what i have.  in reality, i "have" nothing - it is temporarily in my realm, but once i am not here, "it" does not go with me to that next phase of existence.  so, if i choose to share, to give, to receive the good will, blessings, loving of the world around me, it is not mine to keep - and i WILL pass it forward without the "advice" of those who tell me to clutch it to my breast because someone might be "scamming" me.

      exactly what are they scamming?  imho, i am more damaged when i close my eyes and heart to the world around me.  money can be replaced.  humanity can't.

      EdriesShop Is it kind? is it true? is it necessary?

      by edrie on Sat Feb 09, 2013 at 12:43:18 PM PST

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      •  I haven't told you what to do. Do me the same (3+ / 0-)

        courtesy, please. I don't NEED you to rewrite my comments to suggest I said anything more than I did.

        I have no opinion of PJH or his overall bona fides, except that I'm quite sure I cannot verify or falsify his story, and that he is asking people here to facilitate hiding his assets. Moral judgments on that can reasonably differ, but I'm entitled to mine.

        I did not comment in the plea diaries to question his story or dissuade donors. I said nothing here until you repeatedly published inaccurate reports of what went on in his deleted diaries, for reasons best known to yourself.

        I was quite clear from your first 45 or so comments that you feel comfortable with him. So do others. Good for you, good for him. We disagree. Let's leave it at that.

        •  i am not telling you what to do other than to (0+ / 0-)

          suggest that checking is a way to know whether that which is being discussed is based on accurate information.

          no offense intended.  however, i do not understand where you decided he is asking people to facilitate "hiding his assets".  no where have i seen that - NO where in his diaries or comments has that been implied or stated in any of his diaries.

          not publishing detailed personal information on the web that might be misused or misinterpreted or subject to a different interpretation while in a legal situation is the advice any decent lawyer would give to a client.  as for your claim that i published inaccurate reports of what when on - then perhaps you should go pull and re-read the comments in those diaries.  it can be done quite easily by searching for comments made in the diaries then clicking on "parent" to find the entire discussions.

          however, i find it specious that you are now making allegations that are difficult and time consuming to disprove.  please don't disparage my honesty or put words or meaning into what i say.  instead i welcome your asking me what i mean if it is unclear.

          one more point here - it isn't about whether i feel "comfortable" about the subject of this diary that set me off - it was the callous and cruel way the diary was written - one that would do potential harm to someone who is hurting or in crisis.  the fallout and collateral damage isn't just to the target - it affects every person who is in a crisis situation - who is struggling or hurting and feels isolated by that situation.

          if you happened to notice in my comments, i was not defending the target, i was criticizing the manner in which the "doubts" were expressed by this diarist.  it was inappropriate and it was a callout designed not to get the diarist banned for what he wrote.  it was ugly.  no matter who the target, the message was ugly.

          if you really want to challenge what and why i post, i am not beyond researching and documenting every item i post - i don't really wish to waste time in such a p*ssing contest - but please don't disparage MY integrity or motives.  i don't yours.

          we can agree to disagree whether you are comfortable or i am comfortable helping another poster based on what they write.  that is not what set me off in this diary.  

          EdriesShop Is it kind? is it true? is it necessary?

          by edrie on Sat Feb 09, 2013 at 03:44:16 PM PST

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