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View Diary: What to do in a blizzard - bake bread!! (Oh, and this is my 150th diary!) (97 comments)

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  •  Here's another variant for you to try: (13+ / 0-)

    After your "step 9": Have a medium - large container/plastic storage box (clean, clean, clean) and put one-half your dough in it, depending on how much dough you are working with.  If you have a cool room (relatively unheated) which is about 50โ„‰ or so that's perfect!  Leave it for about 24-48 hours in the container, taking it out every 12-24 hours to "de-gas" it by patting it out, and then folding it in thirds like a letter,  and returning it to the container and returning it to the "cold storage".  If the container doesn't have a lid, you can use plastic wrap, just make sure that you get it covered well to keep it from getting a "skin".

    The extra time in the "cold storage" will give your bread wonderful structure and fermentation.  It will taste great and look awesome when you cut into it!

    When you're ready to bake it, take it out of "cold storage" and allow it to warm up and rise for several hours.  Make your loaves, be gentle with the dough, giving the loaves a little time to proof after shaping.  

    Let it cool sufficiently after baking to allow the starches to set, and then enjoy!  :) :)

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