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View Diary: America has never had a Background Check System for Gun Purchases (184 comments)

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  •  hang on there, young jedi . . . . . (2+ / 0-)
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    twigg, wu ming

    If "no shots are likely to be fired anyway", then where's the imminent life-endangering catastrophic threat that MUST be countered by AR15-armed cashiers and moms who will surely die without them?

    •  PS--you are of course entirely correct (1+ / 0-)
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      The vast majority of robberies involve no shots at all. The people who break into your house or business want your money and your TV, not your life. Virtually nobody in the US is killed by strangers who burst into their house or business to kill them. Virtually everyone who is murdered in the US, is killed by someone they know.

      If you are pointing a gun at someone who is intent on killing you, the odds are enormously that it will be your spouse or your lover or your neighbor or your co-worker you are drawing down on.

      For some odd reason, though, the gun industry tends not to emphasize that fact, and pretends instead that everyone everywhere is in imminent threat from completely unknown strangers who want to kill them. But somehow "buy a gun in case you have to shoot your ex-spouse!!!!" doesn't have the same advertising draw that "buy a gun in case you have to shoot the homicidal (probably nonwhite) stranger invading your house !!!" does. An event that virtually never happens--and they know it.

      (Oddly enough, many of the few times when it does happen are when some kookball with an assault rifle and/or high-capacity handgun(s) goes somewhere public with the specific intent of killing as many strangers as he can.)

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