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  •  during hurricanes (3+ / 0-)
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    it was fun to go drive around !

    around 1979 there was a hurricane coming! My friend John & I went to New Smyrna Beach, Fl to run his race car.
    Well when the race was over we drove home, the hurricane was about 50 miles off shore heading north as we drove to Miami ! We got to the Florida Turnpike in Ft Pierce, FL and there was no one there handing out tickets !I drove the whole way home, I was running about 80, every now & then a gust of wind would move truck & trailer over a lane.
    I think we saw 10 vehicles on the turnpike !
    that's 100 miles from Ft P to Miami !

    it wasn't that big a deal the wind was in the 70 MPH range.
    Nothing happened to most houses in that storm.

    But I can see where it would be best people stayed of the highways when there is 3' of snow !

    •  Problem is people get stuck (6+ / 0-)

      and abandon their cars, and then the plows can't get through threading around all the abandoned cars. Or people get stuck and stay in their cars and run the motor and get CO poisoning and frostbite. Or they drive way too fast, without good snow tires, and end up off the road in a snowbank. Stupidity + karma.

      That said, I hope they consider lifting the travel ban in a few hours so people without heat can get to someplace warm, since the power may be out for several days.

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