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  •  Kind of hard to write this (5+ / 0-)

    First off, there are at least a couple of women who have stated how Dorner was. This is besides how he acted while in training for the LA PD.

    I am very sad that police officers not from the Torrance area opened fire on those women. Kind of threw a mess into the whole thing. That is what we should focus on is getting Dorner before any one else is hurt.

    I have to relate something personal with all of this. When this started I read Dorner's statement. And I realized even before they reported about his possible psychological state is that I was seeing much that was similar to my mother.

    My mother who is no longer here was a lot like Dorner except for the violent acts. She held on to grudges and what she believed were acts against her for decades. The smallest slight would be blown up way beyond reason. A person didn't have to do anything wrong but if she believed they did then they did in her mind. I suffered through hours of her ranting on almost a daily basis. She also was a bit paranoid believing that some people were out to get her, refusing to open her windows after she moved to a house on her own, and refusing to let anyone in to repair anything.

    It's not healthy and it's not easy to help someone like this. They do not see that anything is wrong with them. It's everyone else. And if they are called out for making a mistake or doing something wrong, well it can't be them it must be the person who is saying they are wrong.

    I do hope they find him alive. If just so that those people who think he is a hero can really get a taste of where his mind is at. It's sad how quickly people accept everything he wrote as truth. I don't think most have but having seen the non-relenting calling him a hero is really sad. He's not a hero, he took the wrong way to try to fix things. Nothing is fixed, people have died.

    Not saying the LA PD is perfect or is good. They have their problems. But to blindly spout this man is a hero without having a clue as to how messed up he is, that's scary.

    Just to note, I have a Masters degree in Psychology so I am not a novice with this stuff. I have tried for a very long time to figure out just what would my mother's disorders be called. I know she was narcissistic and paranoid. So it's why I paid attention to Dorner's story. I can also say that people like this, because they don't think anything is wrong with them they don't usually get help. And people tend to avoid them.

    Sorry for the long comment but if this helps anyone to understand just a little bit. Also there have been a couple experts who have said pretty much the same thing as I comprehended about his psychological issues. I also do not thing it totally stems from environment but possibly has a physical component. Just hard to study it because like I said, and others say, people like this do not want help. They think nothing is wrong with them. Ever.

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