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  •  You are right to keep righting on this wobbly (7+ / 0-)

    Ping Fu book.  It is the only way to challenge her and bring truth to the fore.  You have produced a record of note which can be the used as reference.  Just remember as I think you now know, some have a vested interest in seeing Ping Fu as an honest representation and you must be strong in the face of this.  Over time her ill gotten gain will wear thin and your analysis will have great merit.  Keep up this writing if you are able.  Persistence is very important in this type of issue.  People will gain respect for your effort and  see it's truth.  Hard fought you will win in the end as you have already, but are shaky about it internally.  I find your work nothing short of extraordinary xgz.  It brings a window into China and the United States without an equal as far as I see.  I learn so much from your work as it is so condensed and well argued.

    •  Thank you for the encouragement (5+ / 0-)
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      hqc, Buhui, walkshills, hailanzhiguang, yjbc

      I hope that we all come out of this episode better, with a better understanding both of ourselves and each other.

      Sometime I also say things that are rushed and lacked consideration. And it is people like you, who tolerate such flaws and try to understand in the big picture, that makes the cultural barriers easier to overcome.

      Human rights and democracy are important to us, but they can last only of they are built on truth. Lies will not lead us there.

      •  I enjoyed reading this diary entry (5+ / 1-)
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        xgz, Buhui, walkshills, hailanzhiguang, yjbc
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        Sharon Wraight

        Good job again. The psychological analysis is interesting.

        Ping Fu and her PR people are the true perpetrators of a smear campaigne.

        I, for one, am no shill for any government. I earn my living as an university professor and have lived in the US for close to 30 years.

        Keep up the good work. Truth will prevail.

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