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View Diary: Anti-Capitalist Meetup: We Demand Answers! Why were Occupy Boston Charges Dropped? (49 comments)

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  •  Thank you for taking the actions you did and for (12+ / 0-)

    putting up with the harrasing nonsnese and manipulation of the cops and the court system too!  Unfortunately, your experience with the Kabuki theater of our "justice" system is not unusual, but is actually very similar to what I experienced that last two times I was arrested.  And Obama's two faced response is not unusual either -- but I'm sure you know this already.
           Again, thank you for taking the actions you did.  I sincerely hope that, in your frustration, you do not feel that it was in vain.  The occupy movement and the fearlessness of protesters like yourself, even if in this moment seem to have been forgotten, really were a major seachange in our grassroots struggle against the 1%. And, from what you said,  I think you should file a complaint for police harrassment in the arrrest process.

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