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View Diary: Y'all mock Chris Christie at your peril (525 comments)

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    ...he owes it to himself, his family, and his supporters to deal with something that is clearly a medical issue.  He didn't get that way because he spent too much time at McDonalds.  Otherwise, he's not going to be President because he's not going to live that long.

    This is not intended as mean spirited partisanship.  While I don't intend to vote for Christie, I had in mind voting him out of office followed by his transition a prosperous second career as a politically connected lawyer, not having him commit suicide because he won't listen to valid medical advice.  This isn't about his self control or anything like that.  It is a medical problem.  You don't need to know his choleresterol level to figure that out.  But for his own good and for that of his family and friends (not to mention his political career) he needs to do something.

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