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View Diary: Regarding the Torrance Shootings. (127 comments)

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  •  So you welcome our new Robo-Cop Overlords? (0+ / 0-)

    They're human qualities.  In order to eliminate them, we have to have inhuman cops.

    •  Nonsense. To eliminate these types of incidents (18+ / 0-)

      we need properly trained police officers who are willing and able to exercise good judgment in the line of duty. The cops who shot up the truck are bad cops who almost murdered two innocent people. Your attempt to minimize what they did is one of the most shameless defenses of police misconduct I have ever seen on this site.

    •  that's it, that's the best you have? (9+ / 0-)

      "So you welcome our new Robo-Cop Overlords?"

      jeez, now you're just embarrassing yourself. police are supposed to be highly trained, disciplined, licensed professionals. while this clearly doesn't make them magically immune to all the common human frailties, they are expected to exercise a greater level of self-control, in stressful circumstances, than the average person. otherwise, why bother having them there to begin with, we could just as well throw in an out of control mob with guns blazing, and get the same or worse result.

      soldiers are taught that their job is to complete the mission, not get revenge. getting revenge makes it personal. once that happens, your effectiveness, as a soldier or a cop diminishes, greatly. these cops made it personal. as a result, they lost control, of both themselves and the situation. only by the grace of his pastaness, was no one killed, in either incident.

      your diary was going to be "unpopular", not because it "told a truth that must be said", but because it is, at best, disengenuous, at worst, just flat out stupid. for example, you refer to these events as "accidents", they were not. an accident is defined as something unintentional, even if forseeable. both these events were intentional: the police opened fire, on both vehicles, having not the slightest idea who and what they were shooting at, and made zero effort to find out, before unloading on them. if the guy they were looking for was anywhere around, he was long gone, by the time those nimrods got finished.

      those were beyond "bad" cops, they are a danger to themselves, their fellow officers, and anyone within bullet range of them. they need to be removed from the force, before they finally do kill someone. as well, they need to be banned from ever purchasing, or having in their possession, any kind of firearm, ever again. they've proven they're not responsible enough to be allowed anywhere near a gun, ever.

      •  Well put. The more I think about it, the more it (0+ / 0-)

        seems to me that there was and is a breakdown in the entire command and control system in the LAPD. Either that or an even worse alternative which is that LAPD Chief Beck or his minions authorized 'death squads' to terminate Dorner with extreme prejudice.

        Either way it seems to me that Beck must go. The buck stops at the top and either his management was fatally flawed or he himself was a party to attempted murder. Either alternative is completely and totally unacceptable and Beck needs to resign immediately, along with his entire senior command structure.

    •  what a trite and silly thing to say (3+ / 0-)
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      So you welcome our new Robo-Cop Overlords?

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