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View Diary: I am overweight, so I can't have that job because I might die? (383 comments)

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    First, cardio exercise is just that, cardiovascular exercise. Walking, treadmill, biking, eliptical, etc.... are all great ways to improve and strengthen your cardiovascular system. Keep doing this. If your resting heart rate isn't decreasing over time, you make want to increase the intensity of your cardio workout.

    That said, cardio is by far the most inefficient way to lose weight.

    As we age, we lose muscle mass. which lowers our metabolism. Cardio exercise temporarily raises the metabolism, but within an hour or two after a workout, the metabolism drops back down to its baseline.

    Increasing muscle mass raises your metabolism baseline.

    Increasing muscle mass is not complicated and does not require a huge time commitment or fancy machines - dumbbells and barbells are not only more than adequate, they are tried, true the most effective tool.

    The biggest mistake I see in the gym, both on the cardio equipment and the weights is a lack of sustained intensity. It is uncommon to see people really work up a sweat or show any sign of exertion.

    Sweat is best. If you are not sweating, you are not working hard enough.

    Now then, as for the dairy. Chris Christie is physically unfit for the office of the presidency. The stress a president has to deal with is enormous. Not only is the next inauguration four years from now, but that's another four years of on his body. And as we know all to well, morbidly obese people do not age gracefully. He may look healthy, but he is a ticking time bomb. Once his health starts to deteriorate, it is going to snowball in a series of very serious conditions that will be very expensive to contain.

    John Candy looked healthy. Didn't turn out so good for him.

    Now get to the gym and get sweaty.

    Republicans espouse individualism, Democrats embrace citizenship.

    by SpiffPeters on Sun Feb 10, 2013 at 09:38:55 AM PST

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