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  •  Same here (26+ / 0-)

    For me, any foods with sugar set off an almost uncontrollable craving, triggering me to binge the entire rest of the day. Here's how I overcame this without using artificial sweeteners, which also make me feel lousy, only in different ways:

    1. I don't eat anything with any sugar in it until after dinner. This limits the amount of time that I have the strong craving and that I can binge on sweets, but it psychologically gets me through the day, most days ("No, don't eat that now, but you can have it after dinner"). Yes, this goes contrary to most diet advice not to eat this kind of stuff close to bedtime, but it works for me, as the only other alternative has me eating snacks all day long, which adds up to far more food ingested.

    2. I use real maple syrup in my coffee in the morning. Yes, it costs more, but it's the one sweetener I found that doesn't make me feel the change in my blood sugar or get any cravings for sweets. Plus it makes my coffee taste yummy, like a flavored coffee.

    3. Most days of the week, I don't drink anything but water. I found that sodas and juices really make me gain weight fast, and I'm allergic to dairy.  Occasionally, especially in hot weather, I'll drink one of those fruit-juice-sweetened Knudsen spritzers.

    Most of the time, this all works pretty well for me, since I know what triggers a binge and can specifically avoid it or put it off till late in the day so as to limit the time frame. But self-discipline does play a big role in avoiding the triggers. And when I'm working on editing a difficult manuscript that's giving me a real headache and have to discipline myself to get my work done, I've found it's harder to discipline my snacking at the same time.

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