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    I'm gay AND atheist, and to the Buy-bull ThumpersTM that swings the needle off the dial to Amoral Spawn of SATAN setting.

    But dammit, you speak the gospel truth. The only people I know who will start off conversations with breathless descriptions of lewd, athletic, sweaty, Penthouse Forum-style sex acts are right-wing religious fundamentalists and Republicans.

    Why do people think LGBTQ folk just walk around sharing intimate details of their sexual lives apropos of nothing, all the live-long day?! Life isn't a Will and Grace episode, kids. Some stuff I keep from my BFFs.

    LGBTQ people are no threat to those delicate-flower Boy Scouts. The threat comes from sanctimonious pedophile straight men looking to assert power over innocent children because they feel they've lost it otherwise. Men who have run out of people to run roughshod over. Cowards.

    Bear in mind: LGBTQ folk are some of the bravest you'll ever meet. We've faced rejection from friends and family and neighbors, we've risked losing our jobs in many states, we've had to deal with hostility from total strangers on the street, sometimes violent attacks. And we forge on. Proud and defiant and, yes, GAY. What was it the great drag queen Latrice (Motherfucking) Royale says?

    It's OK to make mistakes. It's OK to fall down. Get up. Look SICKENING. And make them eat it!!

    -8.75,-8.00. 1,138 rights and responsibilities of civil marriage are denied married same-sex couples, and I demand that we get them. RIGHT. NOW.

    by CajunBoyLgb on Fri Feb 15, 2013 at 08:13:35 AM PST

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