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  •  Doc and I had some chats about peas. (3+ / 0-)
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    nchristine, JeffW, fiddler crabby

    Dammit it all, it is the little things.  I planted some peas he had never heard of or eaten.
    Anyways, the lack of muscle and tendon pain, or swelling of extremities, the overall sense I am dying, or the overwhelming sense I hope I will fucking die rather than suffer...yeah...good stuff.
    Leave it to me to have something nobody researches or gives a shit about.
    On this past Thursday, one of my lawyer friends told me she has inoperable brain cancer.  I gave her a hug, told her most folks trying to die horribly look like hell, but she looked beautiful, and she laughed and told me thanks for that.
    She will get a call from me every few days until the end.
    I will not forget her.  No matter what I say, I will say it so she will know she is remembered.  

    •  I'm so sorry for your friend. May you both find (3+ / 0-)
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      on the cusp, JeffW, fiddler crabby

      peace in your friendship.

      •  We are good, and she will (3+ / 0-)
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        JeffW, fiddler crabby, nchristine

        enjoy my contact to the end.
        I am the daily caller when an atty pal is in the hospital, or his/her wife/kid is, or when the judge's son breaks his neck playing football, and I make it a point to tell him it is an easy gambit to get girls, then explain what "gambit" means.
        When I was 14, I was in a  hospital and in isolation for 6 weeks.  I am now 60.  I remember all the folks who just did not get tired of my situation.  That is a very long time to hold a young friend's attention.
        A pay it forward kind of thing for me.  
        I have been emailing a chronic fatigue sufferer daily for about 8 years.  I am the only one who still cares.  I am all she knows about the world out here.

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