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  •  As a Gay Latin Catholic (4+ / 0-)

    I really shutter when people malign every member of an institution because of historical shameful acts. We forget those priests and nuns who are there on the ground doing God's work. When I lived in Chile, it was the Catholic church that gave shelter to those being persecuted and killed by Pinochet after the Coup. I came out to a a young Priest who gave me advise and guidance, also an amazing Catholic Priest thought Science and Religion (no, not creationism) at Med School.  

    There is a disconnect between the Curia and the nuns and priests on the "ground" and us Catholics who are hopeful of a Third Vatican Council to address all the anachronistic concepts of the Church.

    But calling me and fellow Catholics "cattle", "ignorant", or "they don't know better" is at the very least insulting.

    We all have had our journey and relationship with our faith. This will be good for the Church and us Catholics who want more of a saying and equality in our Church

    #respect and #hope

    •  You have got to admit (0+ / 0-)

      being a gay Latino, the church has done you few favors. Starting with the Spanish inquistion and going on down to the conquistadors and then now to the push against gays.

      God's will is certainly an interesting concept.

      I didn't see where anybody called Catholics cattle or ignorant or maybe not even knowing better. We are just trying to figure out how to live together in THIS community.

      American Television is a vast sea of stupid. -xxdr zombiexx

      by glitterscale on Mon Feb 11, 2013 at 10:26:08 AM PST

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      •  as a gay Latino (1+ / 0-)
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        The US government has done me very few favors until recently, or many governments for that matter. It wasn't long ago that having sex with my partner was illegal in many States.

        I did say "historical shameful acts", and I contrasted with other admirable actions.

        I still stayed American instead of renouncing my citizenship to move to Canada or España.

        I wasn't pointing fingers to any one person in particular, just to those who call us gay Catholics those names I mentioned.

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