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View Diary: Banning gay students from prom (92 comments)

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  •  Try as I might (9+ / 0-)

    and I am quite straight--I just can't understand what motivates these people to think that "the gay" is bad. Nobody taught me how to be straight. I just was.

    And so it is for gay people, of which I personally can count two family members and several wonderful friends. Nobody taught them how to be gay. They just were.

    Why is that so hard to comprehend? The only thing I've ever been able to come up with is that these haters must be gloriously, undeniably sexually repressed. I think that's why I can't understand the hate, I've never had any discomfort with my own sexuality (once I got past puberty, that is ;)). And I have never felt threatened by anyone else's.

    (thanks, Mom--this is the kind of stuff that reminds me how utterly ahead-of-your-time you were :))

    It is time to #Occupy Media.

    by lunachickie on Mon Feb 11, 2013 at 09:04:34 AM PST

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